An app lock that can lock/unlock your apps based on your Location or WiFi

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Lockation is your guardian of digital privacy and security, redefining the way you protect your apps. Imagine an app that knows exactly when to keep your secrets locked away and when to set them free, all based on your location or trusted Wi-Fi networks. Welcome to the future of app security, where convenience meets cutting-edge protection.

Location-Based Locking

Want to keep your work apps locked at home but accessible at the office? Lockation has you covered.

Smart Wi-Fi Locking

Connect to your trusted home or office Wi-Fi network, and Lockation automatically unlocks your chosen apps. When you leave these networks, your apps are securely locked down, shielding your personal information.

No More Password Fatigue

Tired of remembering countless passwords/pins? Lockation simplifies your life by securing your apps without the need for additional passwords. You unlock your apps with the same way you unlock your device.


Designed with you in mind, Lockation boasts an intuitive interface that's a breeze to navigate.

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